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PowerPoint to e-Learning Shootout Challenge

Embrace PowerPoint!!!

We designed the AcroTrain e-Learning system to embrace PowerPoint instead of changing it. Since this system uses standard PowerPoint files, you'll need the PowerPoint 97 or above program or viewer installed on your computer. Some program segments also rely on IE or Netscape browser 5.

This program is for intranet, CD-ROM and stand-alone computer delivery. This means you'll have to download and install the program on your computer. It will take a while, but we'd like to hear if you agree it's worth the extra effort. (Contact us with your AcroServices PowerPoint Shootout comments.) Download the setup file and install it. If you wish to see the detailed instructions, click here.

Click here to download setup.exe

After installing the program, click the 'PowerPoint Shootout SkyScan Program' to view the program in the audit mode or 'Login' if you wish to have your name appear on the completion certificate. All login and learner information remains local to your installation.

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